Kampo Brazil is a full service fieldwork agency able to provide qualitative and quantitative data collection services for B2B and B2C projects in Brazil and Latin America.


Our research platform allows us to collect data through a variety of modalities that can be merged and monitored in a single environment. Mobile, CATI, CAPI, CAWI - all in one.

Combining modalities is an excellent and fundamental collection tool for current market research.

In qualitative surveys, for example, merging recruitment modality with the ability to manage quotas and profiles in real time is a differential to optimize time and offer quality.

CATI is our topline service. We annually collect more than 60,000 B2B surveys and more than 100,000 B2C surveys.


Since 2012 we offer very competitive quotes in Brazil and Latin America for all range of qualitative and quantitative data collection services assuring high quality of data.


Our clients are specifically other marketing research agencies as well as marketing departments. We work as local Latin field partners for multi-country, ad hoc and tracking studies. Each client is different therefore we make all effort to make sure our clients feel that our office is an extension of their office.


We have a team of bilingual interviewers (Portuguese & Spanish), F2F teams in the main capitals of Brazil and specialized moderators in healthcare, IT, advertising, products testing and consumer.


We offer tailor services for fieldwork software use, update and quality control. To assure the quality of our interviews, 100% of our CATI work is recorded as standard and we make 20% quality control call backs for CAPI projects.


Our call center

The company is specialized in:

QUANTITATIVE studies & multi-method field work
(F2F, CATI, CAPI, B2B, B2C, medical research & others) /product testing- CLT/HUT/data collection/data base preparation (Excel, ASCII, SPSS)/ data analysis/ editing/coding/cleaning/data entry/data processing/online programming.

QUALITATIVE studies: recruitment + moderation + reporting + qualitative analysis + translation (English & Spanish) & facilities for focus groups, ethnographic and in-depth interviews.

NATIONWIDE COVERAGE: KAMPO BRASIL conducts studies in every major Brazilian city. The company is a solid supplier of research services all over Brazil and LATAM. We have our own face to face team in SP, Rio, Porto Alegre, Curitiba, Goiania, Brasilia, Salvador and Recife. KAMPO BRASIL keeps partnerships with local partners in every Brazilian region and main capital in Latin America.

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