• CATI Interviewing

  • CAPI – Paper and pen or App 

  • CAWI – On line or App

  • Focus Groups - Recruitment and Moderation

  • In - Depth Interviewing

  • Product testing - CLT and HUT

  • On line Surveys Telephone Top up

  • Mobile research – On line or App

  • Recruitment for on line comunities

  • Coding and Data Entry

  • Sample building and management

  • Translation and transcription

  • Analysis

We offer very competitive quotes, standard fieldwork service level  and reliable research.

We offer fieldwork for

QUANTITATIVE studies & multi-method field work .F2F, CATI ( Portuguese & Spanish), CAPI, B2B, B2C, & others, data collection, data base preparation ,data analysis, editing, coding, data entry, data processing. 

QUALITATIVE studies: recruitment + moderation + reporting + translation (English & Spanish) & facilities for focus groups, ethnographic , in-depth interviews and online communities.



Sample Machine for Consumer Research - an interactive, touch screen, self- service kiosk installed in retail outlets and other high profile public locations - respondents are invited to take short surveys are rewarded with cinema, mobile or transport vouchers, or with a gift; with registration procedures to ensure each person completes only once. 


  • For telephone interview - we cover 100% of Brazil and Latin America.

  • For sample machine and mobile research – We cover 100% of Brazil

  • For face to face and focus group - we conduct face to face and focus group studies in every main Brazilian city and we have partnerships with local partners in main cities of Latin America.

Standard fieldwork service level 

As partners we are committed to deliver a standard service level. Our team is dedicated to:


Provide Fast Quotes - We deliver quotes within deadline expectations.


Provide fast response – We provide fast acknowledgement of receipt of client emails and requests. We find difficult to work with a fieldwork partner who takes 2 days to answer an email. Therefore, we are committing to answer you within 3 hours whenever it is a briefing, an update, information. 


Provide Fieldwork update - Daily fieldwork updates. We are able to offer a cross table analysis that can be access on line or our project supervisors can send tables as daily updates. 


Provide recruitment and quota fill to agreed specification – Respondents are recruited and interviews completed to agreed quality and sample composition criteria. Fieldwork is completed to agreed timing schedule.


Provide supervisors and interviewers briefing – All team involved in a project will be briefed accordingly to project requirements.

Choose the software

As a partner you may use our software or ask us to work on your platform. We are Askia users, this software allow us to conduct multi-method fieldwork. Askia provides a unique interface; homogeneous and intuitive through all the steps of a survey from the questionnaire creation right up to the data analysis, whether it's for CAPI, CATI ,CAWI or Mobile studies. Additionally, our clients receive a Supervisor Click & Go application so they can also review fieldwork progress in real time.

Quality Control

All our calls are recorded as standard, as well as our focus group and face to face interviews if necessary.We recontact minimum of 10% of respondents.  We also photocopy paper questionaires and returned to client.

Kampo Brazil is affiliated ESOMAR and we follow the code of ethics of the following institutions: MRS, ESOMAR and ABEP.

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